Jane Sampson – Bio

Jane Sampson

Hello. Thank you for visiting our site. We hope it will be beneficial to you as you seek to serve the LORD. I am Jane Sampson. I was born in Charleston, West Virginia to John and Virginia Mullins who moved to Chicago, Illinois when I was 2 years old. I was raised in church at the Trinity Baptist Church in Hammond, and First Baptist Church of Hammond, where Dr. Jack Hyles was my pastor. God began to deal with my heart around 9 years of age about my lost condition after my grandfather died in a horrible house fire in 1974. It was then I realized I did not want to die and burn in Hell forever and I knew I must ask Jesus to forgive me of my sins and come into my heart. My mother took the word and led me to the Lord.

In 1985 after a few years of rebellion, of which I am not proud of, thank God I rededicated my life to the Lord. My family and I decided to attend a youth service at the Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, where Billy and his family were members at the time. Dr. Gene Taylor was preaching and the only thing I remember of his message was “You will give an account for what you have done!” I knew I could no longer blame others for my actions. In March of 1986 I got to know Bill. We married on October 3, 1987 and began our family. We began our years together serving the Lord at the Calvary Missionary Baptist Church. During that time our 3 daughters, Emily, Ashley, and Sarah came along as well.

We left in 1995 to help start a new church plant in Gary, Indiana. We started serving with Dr. Ed Moore, Pastor Bill Hayes, and Pastor Clemon Chappell. These proved to be years that our family really grew spiritually. In 2000 a new ministry opened up to us at the Welcome Hill Baptist Church as Billy serving as a Youth Pastor. This was a very exciting and challenging experience. God began to speak to Bill a short time after that about full time service in May of 2001 as a missionary who would serve other missionaries and small struggling churches. We surrendered in June of 2001 and began our deputation process in October of 2001. Since that time we have traveled to places like Wales, Belgium, Canada, Grenada, (to name a few) and seen hundreds of people saved and lives changed through the preaching and singing of God’s word.

Please pray for us as we continue in this ministry. Thank you again for visiting our website today, and may God Bless You in serving Him.
Jane Sampson
Proverbs 3:5-6