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Billy Sampson

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My name is Billy Sampson, and I was born on February 23, 1967 to Leonard and Sue Sampson on a cold winter day in Chicago. My parents were both born in the East Tennessee Mountains. My Dad came here in 1958 after high school looking for work, and my mother came here with her family for the same reasons as a young girl. They met here in Chicago. My Dad was already saved with a solid background in church which my Grandma Sampson provided for him from the time he was born. My parents married on January 17, 1966.

The 1st four or five years they weren’t going to church much. But in 1969, and 1970 they started coming to the Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois. My mother was saved in 1970. After this happened our little family’s life would never be the same. I pretty much from the age of 2 was brought up in church. All I have ever known growing up was church. It was a silly question to ask my parents if we were going to church! If the church doors were open we were there.

In my early days of growing up in church I learned to love music! My dad played music in our home. I remember many nights he and my mother setting around singing songs while he played his guitar. My parents would often times spend many hours singing with my brother David and I. My Dad was also involved in a quartet that ministered out of our home church in Chicago. The name of the group was called, “The Bell Family.” It consisted of family harmony, and skillful instrument playing by my Dad, my aunt, my cousin, and a close family friend. Little did I know that those wonderful days at the Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois were molding my life to what it is today.

It wasn’t only the music and the traveling, with Dad but also the preaching I heard Sunday after Sunday! WHAT PREACHING!!! Pastors like Bill Branham, Dr. Ed Moore, Dr. Gene Taylor, and Pastor Steve Holdren. These men were my pastors over a 28 year period in my life. They taught me along with my parents to love preachers. My parents taught me to love these men, give to them, help them, pray for them in any way possible! My pastors taught me to love people, to love my family, and that sowing the Word of God in someone’s life was the most important thing in this world. It doesn’t surprise people that have known me all my life, of the calling God has placed on my life. It is all I have ever known.

On October 3, 1987 I married the love of my life Jane Mullins. On December 10, 1989 our daughter Emily the 1st of our daughters was born. Then on March 10, 1993 Ashley came along. And then finally eighteen months later on September 14, 1994 my youngest baby girl Sarah was born. God has blessed me with 4 precious ladies in my life. It takes that many to take care of me! LOL!

In 1995 Jane and I felt the call to leave our church in Chicago after 28 years and to help our former pastor Dr. Ed Moore to help start a new church plant in Gary, Indiana, along with pastors Bill Hayes, and Clemon Chappell. It was during the next 5 years of my life that God would use these 3 men to be KEY parts in my spiritual development.

It was Pastor Bill Hayes that taught me the importance of humbling yourself, and that playing the second role in ministry was something that was very important in building a church. He also taught me that when something needs to be done don’t wait on someone else, just do it!

It was Pastor Clemon Chappell that reminded me of zeal, and passion for the ministry, and that it was very important to be a student of the Word of God! To listen to the LORD’S call even when it was hard, and not very popular with family, and friends. He led by example that God will provide even in the midst of not having much. That the things of this world were just temporal, and that it would all pass away someday. He and his wife Joelene reminded me often that Jesus is the God that took nothing, and made something! He also taught me if God is the one who starts the work He will provide, and finish in His time.

Dr. Ed Moore has taught me how important it is to be an, “Apostle Paul figure in someone’s life. Although Dr. Ed Moore may not have directly set out to teach me that, his actions, and words of affrimation have certainly spoke loud! He has been a mentor to me in my life. Dr. Ed Moore has been there for me for over 30 years now. He is my, “Paul in the faith.”

He also taught me how that you can take the deepest thoughts of God’s word, and bring it to a level to where a child can understand it. He also taught me to preach God’s word, and not your opinion. He also taught me that even if family is sick, even if old age is catching up with you, and the odds are not in your favor that it is still ok to step out on faith, and listen to the voice of God! He showed me and my family by example that God will always be pleased with faith! He will take care of you!

There is nothing any better than being in God’s will! It is what moves any obstacle that would ever stand in our way of serving God! He also taught me not to just shake your fellow church members hand on Sunday and that was it! No! He taught us the value of getting to know people. He was a model pastor when it came to teaching the value of fellowshipping with your church family. It is something that our family still loves to this very moment!

It is no marvel then that I was saved in August of 1979 at the age of 12 under Dr. Ed Moore’s ministry, and then on January 19, 1997 I surrended my call to preach the Word of God under Dr. Moore’s ministry.

It was during these years that God called me to preach, and confirmed in my heart that I should love and study His Word. And That NOTHING WAS MORE IMPORTANT then being in the center of God’s will. And also to appreciate that God would even call me into the ministry. God was continuing to shape my life for the task ahead.

After years of traveling with my Dad, then my brother David for 12 years of music ministry, God slowed me down long enough to show me that there were much bigger things He wanted for my life. God was still molding…

In August of 1999 Dr. Tim Sims ask me to come and do a youth revival for his teens in Lemont, Illinois, where he was the pastor of the Welcome Hill Baptist Church. After spending 5 years of helping to build the Sonrise Baptist Church in Gary, Indiana with Dr. Ed Moore, then Pastor Clemon Chappell, God began to change my heart to give me a small taste of what it was like to have a congregation of young people follow your leadership as a youth pastor.

I have never had a great desire to Pastor although let me just make it clear, I will always be open to what the LORD wants. But Evangelism and Missions on the other hand has burned in my heart for a long time. I just didn’t realize that God would call me to do it! Being in a pastoral position was something that I believe God needed me to understand. That pastoring at any level is no easy task. Dr. Sims gave me a great chance to experience this under his leadership.

I will always be grateful for his wisdom, leadership, and genius in administrative matters. God allowed me to hold that youth pastors position for 2 years. I will always be grateful of the fact that there were parents who were willing to give me a chance to minister to their children. It was some of the most memorable moments I have ever had in the ministry. I will never take for granted the experience God allowed me to go through. Again God was bringing me down a path that I had no idea was coming.

Again, after already being involved in traveling with my Dad at a very young age, involved in church administration in my late teens, and early twenties, then traveling with my brother David for 12 years in a gospel group, helped to plant a church, and two years of youth ministry, God was beginning to open up a new chapter of ministry in my life. He was about to give me the desires of my heart.

After working as a crane operator at the L.B. Steel Plate Co. in East Chicago, Indiana for almost 14 years, and was the chief union steward for Operating Engineers Local 150, I along with 70 other men were informed that our jobs were closing down in October 2000. Faced with what to do next, a few months later in May of 2001 after listening to a sermon from Dr. Tolbert Moore about missionaries coming off the field discouraged, from so many different things, such as very little help, working with small budgets, my heart became burdened with wanting to help them.

For years my brother David and I use to sing in churches where the average attendance was 25-35 people. When we were there we did EVERYTHING we could do to encourage that pastor, and the congregation to keep going for the LORD. And for those brief moments that pastor and congregation we felt was encouraged by the ministry God had allowed us to have.

We were taught by our parents to love preachers, and their families. My parents were the ones having the preacher for dinner, trying to meet what needs they could for those missionaries. I remember Dad and Mom writing checks to the missionary who would visit our church. I saw them pay for engines to be put in old vans, pay for building projects, Bibles, personal support, etc…

It is these vivid pictures in my mind that my parents may not have known were being put there but certainly was. I believe God used them, and these key men of God, and our LORDS PRECIOUS WORD to bring me to where I am today.

It was shortly after a sermon in May of 2001 by Dr. Tolbert Moore, and some good Godly counsel from my brother David, Pastor Clemon Chappell, Dr. Tim Sims, and finally Dr. Ed Moore that I stepped out on faith in June of 2001 at the Galilean Baptist Church in Lawrenceville, Georgia. I didn’t know where my next pay check was going to come from, but I just believed that God was calling and I needed to respond!

Well! Here we are today! We haven’t missed a meal, our God has supplied for EVERY NEED WE HAVE!!!!!!!!!! Our family loves preachers and their families! Especially Missionaries! And God has placed this burden in my heart, and called me to become a Missionary for the Missionary. We started our commitment in October of 2001, and our goal is still the same.




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