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Songs Include:

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Songs Include:

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Songs Include:

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Heritage Celebrating 40 Years of the Bell Family
$20.00This is a 2 CD set.

Disc 1 is the Sampson Family as it is today Re-Recordings of The Bell Family.
Disc 2 is Original Recordings of The Bell Family from 1972 to 1973

The Sampsons - Heritage Disc 1 Songs Include:

1. I’m Taking A Flight
2. Homeward Bound
3. Hallelujah What A Morning
4. Joshua Led God’s Children
5. Jesus Is Mine
6. I Call Him Lord
7. You Can’t Hurry God
8. Just Over There In Glory
9. That’s Why I Love him
10. Wake Up In Glory
11. While The Ages Roll
12. The Gloryroad

Disc 2 Songs Include:

1. Jesus Is Mine
2. Joshua Led God’s Children
3. My Real Home
4. I Call Him Lord
5. You Can’t Hurry God
6. Just Over There In Glory
7. I’m Taking a Flight
8. I’m Feeling Mighty Fine
9. Now I Have Everything
10. That’s Why I Love Him
11. I Have Found Somebody
12. Time Has Made A Change
13. Hallelujah What A Morning
14. One Day I Will
15. The Gloryroad
16. One Day At A Time
17. Where We Ever Shall Be
18. While The Ages Roll
19. Wake Up In Glory
20. He’ll Go With You
21. Homeward Bound
22. The King Is Coming
23. Love Will Roll The Clouds Away
24. Touching Jesus

(to listen to song samples click on the play button on the player below. The player below plays all of the above sample tracks from Disc 1 in order. You can also click on the previous and next buttons to listen to previous and next tracks)

The First Noel

The Sampsons The First Noel Songs Include:

I Wonder If You Know

I Wonder If You Know Songs include:
1. It Was A Great Thing
2. I Wonder If You Know
3. Call Me Gone
4. Death Where Is Thy Sting
5. I Never Shall Forget The Day
6. Precious Jesus
7. I Touched Jesus
8. So Much To Thank Him For
9. I Can Go To God In Prayer
10. If You Knew Him
11. Nothing But The Blood (Still Saves The Lost)
12. His Tomb Is Empty Now
13. Praying Man
14. The Shepherds Point Of View
15. I Have Been Blessed

The Sampsons-"Live in Northwest Indiana!" Celebrating 25 years of Ministry

Live In Northwest Indiana Includes Live Audio CD & DVD

Songs Include:
1. Almost Home
2. Rightful Place
3. One Way Or The Other
4. I Remember The Day
5. I Just Started Living
6. I Am With Thee
7. Angels In The Room
8. Instrument of Praise
9. Open The Eyes Of My Heart
10. He Knows My Name
11. Long As I Got King Jesus
12. When We All Get To Heaven
13. My New Home
14. Feed My Sheep
15. Bonus Track: Looking For A City


The Sampsons "Songs from the pen of David Sampson"

Songs From the Pen of David Sampson Songs Include:
1. The Righteous Shall Overcome
2. I’m Freed
3. You Never Give Up
4. My New Home
5. Cries In The Night
6. Standing In The Storm
7. Rightful Place
8. Almost Home
9. Bound For Calvary
10. Highways & Hedges
11. Feed My Sheep
    Co-written with Wayne "Eddie" Matoy
12. Saved By Grace
13. God Gave The Forecast
14. Who You Know
15. We Will Go On
16. Knock On The Rock
17. The Ragman
18. Redeemed Of The Lamb
    Co-written with Melissa Sampson
19. Holy Ghost Soul Food
20. Mighty Men Of Valour
    Co-written with Leonard Sampson
21. God’s Garden of Grace
22. Carry The Light
23. Down On Your Knees
    Co-written by Billy Sampson, David Sampson and Kimberly Sampson
24. I’ll Be There

There Is A Remedy

There Is A Remedy Songs Include:

1. There Is a Remedy
2. No Longer an Orphan
3. We’ll Meet Again
4. Even In The Valley
5. Faith Hope and Love
6. I Have A Heavenly Father
7. Amazing Grace My Chains are Gone
8. He’s Been So Gracious to Me
9. He Knows My Name
10. Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now
11. My Heavenly Home
12. I Go To The Rock
13. Nail It To The Cross
14. Long As I Got King Jesus
15. Joy Of The Cross
16. Thank You Lord Jesus (Acapella)


Look To Him

Look To Him Songs Include:
1. I Want To Know More
2. Look To Him
3. God’s Word Will Stand
4. That I Could Still Go Free
5. I’m One Of That Crowd
6. Calvary Came Through
7. Cries In The Night
8. I’m Still Amazed
9. Bound For Calvary
10. Not Gonna Do It
11. Almost Home
12. While There Is Hope

Let My Life Be A Light (Jane Sampson solo project)

Let My Life Be a Light Songs Include:
1. So Much To Thank Him For
2. I Have A Heavenly Father
3. Stand Still
4. I Believe
5. I Stand Redeemed
6. God Is So Good To Me
7. No Limit
8. God Still Answers Prayers
9. In Just A Little While
10. Let My Life Be A Light

The Journey Begins (The Sampson Sisters)

The Journey Begins Songs Include:
1. I’m Freed
2. My Want’s Been Changed
3. I Can’t Make It Lord Without You
4. Not My Will
5. Rightful Place
6. Thank You Lord Jesus
7. He’s Still Working On Me
8. Saved By Grace
9. Highways And Hedges
10. Standing In The Storm


Campmeeting Songs Include:
1. Feeling Mighty Fine
2. The Veil
3. Thank You Lord
4. Getting Ready To Leave This World
5. Sacred Spot
6. Saved By Grace Through Faith
7. Somebody Loves Me
8. We’ll Meet Again
9. Coronation Day
10. Soldier In The Army
11. Old Fashion Altar
12. The Midnight Cry

Down On Your Knees

Down  On Your Knees Songs Include:
1. Walkin’ In Jerusalem
2. God’s Garden of Grace
3. My New Home
4. Brand New Man
5. Down On Your Knees
6. He Is
7. I’ll Be There
8. I’m Freed
9. Carry The Light
10. Jesus Has the Answer
11. We Will Go On

The Ragman

The Ragman Songs Include:
1. God Gave The Forecast
2. You Never Give Up
3. Put Me Down
4. Knock On The Rock
5. Who You Know
6. Holy Ghost Soul Food
7. The Ragman
8. The Glory Road
9. The Healer
10. I’ll Be Gone
11. The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference

The Best Of The Sampsons

The Best Of The Sampson Songs Include:
1. The Righteous Shall Overcome
2. Not My Will
3. When I Reach Heaven
4. Saved By Grace
5. Almost Home
6. Rightful Place
7. Cries In The Night
8. Feed My Sheep
9. I’m Freed
10. Thank You Lord Jesus
11. My New Home
12. Mighty Men Of Valor
13. Redeemed Of the Lamb
14. Gabriel’s Trumpet
15. Walk With God
16. Standing In The Storm
17. Power Of The Lord
18. Highway & Hedges